Our new website can be found at https://natritexgroup.com.au/


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Our new website can be found at https://natritexgroup.com.au/


Proud manufacture of the World's Most Technologically Advanced Fire Safety Mattress Natritex Fireguard III. For more information please click on this Natritex.

We are a 100% Australian owned company and manufacture 100% filler free quality polyurethane foam products for distribution Australia wide.

Our products are used in everyday items such as bedding, furniture, car, caravan and marine applications and are made in Australia without the use of ozone depleting CFC's (which harm the environment).

We supply the Australian market with products such as pillows, Dacron covered cushions (in furniture), custom profile boat mattresses, camping Mattresses and our exclusive range of bedding PURE SLEEP.

At Enviro-foam Queensland, no job is too small and we offer support and quality service with the assistance of our friendly experienced office and sales team.

We ensure a superior standard, keeping your product durable, supportive and value for money. We do not use extenders in our manufacturing process which tend to cause the polyurethane foam to break down and have a shorter life span.

If you are looking for a foam product to include in your manufacturing process, then contact us today so we can show you how our production can assist you with your needs.