Enviro-foam produces a range of foam, mattresses, pillows and custom foam shapes to order. Below is a sample of some of our range.

Enviro-Therapy Model Mattress

Our Enviro-Therapy model features our exclusive laminated mattress with a high density foam core and a convoluted 5 zoned overlay for greater comfort and coolness. The 5 zones create a massaging feel and allow even distribution of airflow for a healthier nights sleep The coolness creates ventilating airflow by the convoluted foam, channelling the heat away from the body.

Numerous models available in different laminated combinations that have been very popular over the years. Particularly for customers not liking a spring unit in their mattress. Available in all standard sizes, also made to measure, great for caravans and boats.

For this particular application, boats and caravans, we have developed a low profile pocket spring, profiled to fit the most difficult sleeping situation.


pillowLatex Pillows - We carry various shapes and comforts in 100% PURE NATURAL LATEX. Also a unique model, one side Visco Elastic and one side Latex, for two different comfort levels in one pillow.

Pressure Relief (Standard and Contour) - A completely new product developed from our Enviro-Lastic foam which is specially formulated to eliminate pressure point discomfort, shaped to give neck support, reduces incidents of snoring, headaches and stiff necks, non-allergenic, anti-bacterial, aids correct spinal alignment for head, neck and body. This is a premium product with unique features not found in other pillows.

Convoluted Overlays

Available in Visco-Elastic and Latex, to assist in alleviating pressure point discomfort and adding that little bit of a luxury to a too firm a mattress.

Futon Mattresses

Come in a large range of colors and comforts. Built up with a high density core wrapped in Dacron. Finished in two quality fabrics, Velour and cotton herringbone. Complete with matching zip and upholstered buttons to complete this mattress.

Custom Cut Foam

Supply our office with dimensions of your requirements and a brief description of your anticipated use and performance expectations. Minimum quantities may apply. Our office will advise you on cost and methods of payment.


Consumer Enquiries
For all general sales, please contact the office on 07 3205 6088, or refer to our contacts page.