What is flexible polyurethane foam?

Flexible polyurethane foam (FPF) is a chemically complex polymeric product having a broad range of load bearing capability and resiliency, offering comfort as cushioning material for furniture, bedding, carpet underlay, and automotive interiors. FPF also offers protective shock absorption performance for use in packaging and automotive applications.

I've heard so many stories about latex, what's the difference between them all?

Latex comes in many different qualities. Some have numerous fillers included making the latex weak, likely to break down quickly and not give you the correct support needed - hence the life of your mattress limited.

Please refer to the bedding section for information on the latex used in our PURE SLEEP models. (Or click here to download the information sheet directly.)

I have a small business in Gympie, do you have a standard price list?

We sure do, please contact our office staff who will send out a price list.

My caravan needs a new mattress, can you sell direct to the public?

We sell custom size/grade foams to the general public, just bring in your measurements, and we will go to work...