foam2Enviro-foam is a flexible polyurethane foam manufactured without CFC's or any fillers or extenders. We do however add ENVIRO-FRESH which is an anti-bacterial additive which inhibits dust mites.

At Enviro-foam Queensland, we manufacture a large variety of Density and Hardness combination foams with an emphasis on quality and consistency of product.

Producing a superior product that is used widely in Bedding, Furniture, Health Industry, Sports applications, Packaging, Building trade, Transport, Cleaning and many more applications.

Enviro-foam has been developed and manufactured to exacting standards without the use of fluorocarbon or any other ozone depleting substance.

Enviro-cel is Enviro-foam Queensland's trademarked name for the laminated construction of many of our products.

Visco-Elastic is a very high density foam specially formulated by ENVIRO-FOAM.

Enviro-Fireguard is made in a number of grades for applications where added protection is required in the event of a fire.