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We've been making foam for over 30 years, we have the answers to providing innovative foam options to valued customers throughout Australia every day.

With our advanced production equipment and highly trained staff ready to fill your order, it’s easy to see why we’re renowned as one of Queensland’s best foam manufacturers.

Highest environmental standards

Anti-microbial foam

Fire-guard self-extinguishing foams

Standard and pressure relief foams

Premium foams for any purpose

Why is our foam the best around?

Our foam is manufactured on equipment unique to Enviro-Foam, in fact, we made it. This gives us the flexibility and the capacity to produce qualities and ranges of foams not available to other manufacturers.

Enviro-Foam is manufactured without the use of Fluorocarbons, Fillers, Methylene Chloride or added carbon dioxide.

This allows us to create foam with a large variety of density and hardness combinations, giving you the freedom to choose a tailored product that fits whatever end goal you have in mind.

Pushing the boundaries of foam production.

There’s so much that makes our foam amazing, but that doesn’t mean we’re not constantly looking for ways to make it even better!

We’re constantly refining our foam production process, always striving to make it as functional and affordable as we possibly can.

Speciality Foam For Any Project

Enviro-Foam is useful for potentially anything you can think of and we’re always excited to see what new challenges our customers bring when they walk through the door of our Brisbane factory showroom (only 20 minutes from the airport)!

Multilayered foam design

Enviro-Foam’s innovative layering makes it fantastic for industrial use. Our customers rely on Enviro-Foam for everything from sound dampening in professional recording booths, to the safe packaging and transport of products across the globe.

Your needs, our foam.

Whatever project you have in mind, Enviro-Foam is made to deliver on our promise of functional foam at an affordable price.

Soft enough for bedding and furniture.

Enviro-foam is also super comfortable, making it great for luxurious bedding.

Enviro-Foam: Eliminating chemical waste, saving the environment.

What’s the point of being called Enviro-Foam if we didn’t fully live up to our namesake?

It’s no secret that we’re on Green mission to make sure that our business practices don’t in any way harm the wider environment.

Te foam we produce is completely free of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), a substance which has been scientifically proven to greatly harm our precious ozone layer.

If you’re worried about the impacts of man-made products on the future of our planet, you can trust that we’ve done the legwork in ensuring that Enviro-Foam does its part to minimise our footprint.

We’re pushing for a greener alternative in the foam production industry and we encourage you to join us in this creating a more sustainable future.

Enviro-Foam exclusive whole of product life policy: when you have finished using any of our products, we accept the responsibility of ensure the environmentally sensitive recycling of our product. All you have to do is return the item to us, and we take care of the rest.

Whether you want a thousand cushions or one, boat bunks, mattresses, wedges or bolsters, any shape any size and we will cover it in your choice of fabric.

We love our foam and we think you will too.

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